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Crisp and sweet, fresh sweet corn is one of the special treats of summer.  But there are so many other types of corn.  Grow colorful flour corn, field corn for livestock feed, or popcorn for fun and delicious treats.

Look for the carrot for the Annie's Favorites.

  • Country Gentleman Sweet Corn

    Country Gentleman Sweet Corn

    92 day.   A white shoepeg corn, this is a fun one to grow.  Small, tender white kernels that are crisp when harvested at their peak.  A good choice for fresh eating or freezing.   Minimum of 100 seeds per packet...

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  • Strawberry Popcorn - Organic

    Strawberry Popcorn - Organic

    102 day.  Strawberry popcorn is both decorative and delicious.  Cute, tiny ears with small, red, pointed kernels.  It pops up white, light and fluffy, smaller than most, but flavorful and fun.   Minimum of 50 seeds per packet...

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  • Bloody Butcher Corn Bloody Butcher Corn

    Bloody Butcher Corn

    105 day.  Bloody Butcher is a beautiful multi-purpose corn.  It makes great corn meal or flour, is a beautiful decorating corn, and it can be eaten as a sweet corn when picked in it's milk stage.  It has large ears with deep burgundy...

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