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Hot or sweet, which is your favorite?  We love them all.  Hot peppers are the original peppers, grown in the Americas.  But after the discovery of the New World, they soon traveled all over the world, becoming a staple in all the warm climates.  The heat of the hot pepper actually tricks the body into thinking it is too hot, so the body cools itself, naturally helping people tolerate hot climates.  From Mexican salsas to Thai and Indian curries, hot peppers are now a part of many cuisines.  Sweet peppers were developed from the hot peppers.  Coming in all shapes, sizes and colors, the bells and Italian sweet peppers don’t have the heat, but instead have a bright, sweet flavor.  Some of the Italian sweet peppers even taste like candy, they are so sweet.  I love sauteing them with onions, raw in a salad, or even in a delicious pico de gallo salsa.  

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