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Carrots and Parsnips

Whenever I ask new gardeners what they want to grow, carrots are high on the list.  With a little care and attention, these garden favorites can produce from summer through fall, and can even be overwintered and enjoyed in the spring.  Carrots can be frustrating, not as easy to grow as some other vegetables, but attention to a few details can make them produce well in your garden. 

Choose the right variety for your soil conditions, plant in a well weeded bed, and keep the seeds well watered until they are established.  If you have heavy clay soil, choose a variety that doesn’t grow as long, from the 1 inch deep round balls of Paris Market to the shorter Danver’s Half Long and Little Finger.  If you have loose and light soil to a sandy soil you can grow any of the varieties easily, just make sure to water a lot if you have sandy soil.  The water drains and leaves the seeds dry, so you need to be vigilant to keep them healthy and growing.

Parsnips are best grown in the fall and require some care to get them to produce.  Similar attention to planting and watering as carrots will produce a nice harvest.