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There are lots of gardening books out there.  These are the ones that we love, use, and refer to time and time again.

  • Attracting Beneficial Bugs

    Companion planting is one of the best ways to grow organically.  These plants attract all the beneficial bugs that love to feast on the bugs that cause so many problems in the vegetable garden.  This book contains all the ins and outs of...

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  • Grow Your Own Herbs

    This beginner's guide to growing 40 different culinary herbs contains all the herbs I love to grow and use.  There are some really easy herbs to grow, but some can be tricky, and this book tells you all you need to grow to successfully grow all the...

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  • Let It Rot!

    I am always amazed at how complicated people make compost.  It is easy, a pile of rotting stuff.  But there are ways to make it work well, not smell, rot quickly, and produce a balanced soil.  This book addresses all these concerns in a...

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  • The Veggie Gardener's Answer Book

    Finally, a simple, straight forward gardening book.  A great beginner's book, but really for anyone who wants to know the basics.  Gardening doesn't have to be complicated, and many times people make it harder than it needs to be.  This...

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  • Ball Blue Book

    The Ball Blue Book is the standard for canning and freezing.  All tried and tested recipes with detailed instructions so that you can can jams, jellies, canned fruits, salsas, pickles, vegetables, meat and soups as well as freezing any vegetable,...

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  • Rodale's Basic Organic Gardening

    I have been looking for years for a good, beginner's gardening book.  I was always disappointed with what I found.  They always made it more complicated than it needed to be.  This book finally has it all.  Simple instructions, but in...

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  • Seed to Seed

    Seed to Seed by Suzsanne Ashworth is a wonderful resource on seed saving.  She includes hundreds of vegetables and herbs, arranged by family, with detailed information on how to start from seed, grow, and save seed for each.  She includes...

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