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Beans are one of the easiest vegetables to grow, a garden staple for most families.  Snap or shelling, bush or pole, there's a bean for every garden!

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  • Soldier Bush Bean

    Soldier Bush Bean

    90 days.  An old New England Bean dating back to the early 1800's.  It is also known as the Red Eye Bean.  It has a firm texture and mild flavor.    Minimum of 40 seeds per packet.

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  • Sunset Runner Bean

    Sunset Runner Bean

    60-65 days.  With it's unique salmon colored blooms, Sunset is a very different runner bean.  With it's edible beans, it is a wonderful dual purpose plant, adding beauty to your garden.   Minimum of 10 seeds per packet.

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  • Tarbais Pole Bean

    Tarbais Pole Bean

    90 days.  Tarbais Beans come from the southern French village of Tarbais, and are known for their extremely thin skin, which makes them easier to cook. They are also known for being delicious and are easier to digest because of their lower starch...

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  • Tendergreen Improved Bush Bean

    Tendergreen Improved Bush Bean

    52 days.  Known for it's high yields and heat tolerance, Tendergreen Improved produced well over a long period.  It is also an excellent variety for later season planting.   Heirloom is minimum of 80 seeds per packet.   PLANTING...

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  • Tiger's Eye Bush Bean

    Tiger's Eye Bush Bean

    55 days fresh, 80 days dried.  A great multi-purpose bean, it can be eaten fresh or dried.  The beans are a beautiful deep golden color with brown striping.    Minimum of 40 seeds per packet.

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  • Alabama Black Eye Pole Lima Bean

    Alabama Black Eye Pole Lima Bean

    90-100 days. Call it a Lima bean or a Butterbean, this very rare pole lima bean has been grown in Alabama for generations. It can be eaten fresh or dried.  Just make sure to use a strong trellis because it produces...

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  • Christmas Lima Bean

    Christmas Lima Bean

    80 days.  What a beautiful and delicious pole lima bean!  Huge beans are creamy white striped with burgundy.  One of the best tasting beans, they cook up creamy and delicious.  Add in high yields and an early maturity, and it's an...

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  • Mykos Soil Inoculant (Mycorrhiza)

    Mykos Soil Inoculant (Mycorrhiza)

    We were looking for a better inoculant, one that works on more than just legumes, and we found it!  Mycorrhiza is a beneficial fungus that lives on the roots of your plants.  It makes little threads that transport water and nutrients to the...

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