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Bush Lima

Growing low to the ground and maturing earlier than pole varieties, bush lima beans are a great choice for Northern growers or those who just want lima beans sooner.

  • Fordhook Lima Bean

    Fordhook Lima Bean

    75 day.  Huge pods of delicious, tender lima beans grow on bush plants.  This is my favorite lima bean.  It is one of the earliest lima beans, so it is a great choice for northern growers, and it is also really delicious, with huge beans...

  • Henderson's Butter Bean

    Henderson's Butter Bean

    60-75 day.  A bush baby lima bean.  The first Henderson's plants were found along the side of the road in Lynchburg, VA in 1883.  It is early hardy, prolific, and drought tolerant.  And it tastes great.   Minimum of 40 seeds...

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