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Asparagus Beans

Also known as Chinese long beans, asparagus beans thrive in hot and humid conditions when other beans fail to produce well.  An excellent choice for those who live in the South for summer bean production.

  • Kurosanjaku Asparagus Bean

    75 days.  Very similar to Kurujoroku, Kurosanjaku is one of the most popular types of long beans grown.  This black seeded variety produces high yields of stringless beans with a sweet and crunchy pod.   Minimum of 40 seeds per packet.

  • Red Noodle Asparagus Bean

    90 day.  Beautiful red beans that turn green when they are cooked, Red Noodle is a spectacular long bean.  Large harvests of long delicious beans make this a wonderful choice to grow for stir fries and your favorite Asian dishes...

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  • Several bean pole trellises in a row.

    Bean Pole Trellis Topper

    These are really neat bean pole trellises designed for us by a machinist friend.  Get a piece of 1/2" electrical conduit, insert the topper into the conduit, drive the other side of the conduit into the ground, tie strings down from the topper to...

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