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World Traveller Gardens

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  • Asian Garden Collection
    $17.25 Asian Garden Collection
    Enjoy this collection of Asian vegetables, all great choices for stir fries. Contains one packet of each of the following vegetables (minimum number of seeds listed in parentheses): Dwarf Bok Choy (200) Aichi...
  • Mexican Salsa Garden Collection
    $14.00 Mexican Salsa Garden Collection
    Nothing is better than a fresh salsa from your own garden, flavorful and delicious! A fresh pico de gallo made with Mr. Stripey is my favorite, good with chips, on fish, or even just eaten with a spoon. Mr. Stripey...
  • Summer In Italy Garden Collection
    $17.25 Summer In Italy Garden Collection
    Tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, the wonderful vegetables of the Italian summer! Enjoy eggplant parmesan, bruschetta, or just a beautiful antipastpo plate, fresh from the garden! Romanesco ZucchiniBasil GenoveseRed Pear...