Sunflower, Mammoth Gray Stripe


Impressively large sunflowers, they tower over the garden.  With a height of 12-15 feet and flowers over a foot across, they are a fun flower to grow.  And they produce lots of seeds, and are one of the best varieties grown for eating with high yields of large seeds.


12 weeks.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Easy to grow anywhere
Written by bradley on 5th Aug 2014

They grew all over in every area I planted them, either as seeds or as transplants. They do get VERY tall, there is one with over 2" trunk growing in a sunny moist area of my yard and it must be at least 15' and isnt sloping over yet like my others did. Bees love these things, they were swarmed with them. I have a few that had smaller, very beautiful flowers that I cut and used in a vase and it smelled really good like sweet honey.

Excellent Yield!
Written by Candy on 9th Dec 2012

I grow sunflowers every year, and these are my favorite so far. Sadly, I wasn't able to salvage the seeds because... Well... We ate them all. But I will be ordering more - and sharing with my best friend who is a Kindergarden teacher, so that she can grow some with her class.