Sugar Baby Watermelon *


84 day.  An Annie's favorite, it produces small icebox watermelons.  Deep red flesh with black seeds and a dark green rind.  It is sweet and juicy and a great choice for a small watermelon.  This melon turns from striped to solid dark green as it ripens.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Sugar Baby's are deserving of their name!
Written by Kate on 8th May 2013

Firm, fine texture and one of the sweetest watermelon's to ever meet your tastebuds! They keep well, once picked, if kept in a cool dark place. We've kept them for a few weeks. We especially like them because they don't mush into a container of juice once cut into cubes, like some more grainy melons might. Been our favorite for 60 years... and counting~~ :)