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Alpine strawberries are the true heirloom strawberry. They are so sweet and flavorful, they almost always get eaten right in the garden. They are quite different from modern hybrid varieties, in that they produce very small berries and they don’t send out many runners. They take a little care to start from seed, but once established are easy to care for and stay for many years. Strawberries seeds require being chilled before they will germinate. All of our strawberry seeds are pre-chilled, so they come to you ready to plant.

Minimum of 50 seeds per packet.

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  • Alexandria Alpine Strawberry
    $2.00 Alexandria Alpine Strawberry
    Known for it’s high yields, this strawberry really performs. If you want lots of sweet little berries, Alexandria is your strawberry. Minimum 50 seeds per packet.
  • Baron Solemacher Alpine Strawberry
    $2.00 Baron Solemacher Alpine Strawberry
    This old variety produces plump, red, conical fruit.  The berries are tasty, and slightly larger than our other varieties. Minimum 50 seeds per packet.
  • Mignonette Alpine Strawberry
    $2.00 Mignonette Alpine Strawberry
    Known for it’s excellent flavor, these delicious strawberries don’t have the high yields of Alexandria.  If you are all about flavor, this is the strawberry for you. Minimum 50 seeds per packet...
  • Yellow Wonder Alpine Strawberry *
    $2.00 Yellow Wonder Alpine Strawberry *
    Pale yellow, and sweeter than the red strawberries, they are a fun strawberry to grow. Minimum 50 seeds per packet.