Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn - Bulk *


80-100 day.  My favorite of the heirloom sweet corns.  It is white, with big, tender kernels.  When it's picked at it's peak, it is as sweet and crisp as any hybrid.  The sweetness fades very quickly after harvest, so have the pot boiling before you go out to harvest.  I like freezing it and reheating it with some poblanos, lime juice and sour cream. 


Minimum of 500 seeds.

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Best of All Heirloom Varieties I've Ever Tasted!
Written by W. Dewey Owen on 3rd Mar 2016

Over my 70+ years of gardening Stowell's Evergreen corn is the best Heirloom eating corn I have ever grown. I first planted it back in the mid 60s then tried a few others, but have returned the best - Stowell's Evergreen Heirloom corn. It's SUPER Good! W. D. Owen Pine Mountain, GA