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SOLD OUT Bintje Potato - May Delivery *

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Bintje is one of the top potato varieties in the world. Originally developed in 1905 in the Netherlands, it was originally known as "Rijkmaker" (Richmaker) because of its incredible yields. I harvested almost 40 pounds of potatoes from the 1 pound of seed potato I planted. That was about twice the yield of the other varieties! Bintje has yellow skinned, yellow fleshed potatoes that are medium sized with delicious flesh. They are an excellent keeper. Originally not favored because it wasn't mealy enough, it makes a firmer baked potato, excellent French fries, and creamy mashed potatoes. It didn't have as nicely shaped potatoes as some other varieties, but this was more than made up for with quantity! Each order includes 1 pound of certified seed potato.

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Produced great even with blight!
Written by Megan M. on 26th Dec 2015

I purchased the potato sampler to see which ones would do best in my conditions. they go put through a real test when early blight hit. The blight killed the fingerlings outright and the red potatoes had some damage, but I ate them right away. The bintje were the real winners though. Despite rough conditions, they produced tons of potatoes, the tubers had no damage, and They are lasting well into the winter in my storage cellar.

Bintjes are my new favorite!
Written by Chris from Utah on 24th Jan 2015

This Potato is amazing! A great flavor excellent growth and high yields! I grew them in both a container and a garden and they did really well in both. I cooked some in a stew and they held their shape as well as tasting great! I still have some in my pantry and its 1-24-15 and they are going strong! I will be ordering more of these in the future!

So good the voles ate them all!
Written by undefined on 10th Aug 2013

I'll learn my lesson next year and put some wire down in my raised bed before I plant these. The voles gave them five stars, they loved them! I finally had to dig up the two little pounds left before they ate them all, and the ones I got were excellent. My first time growing them, and I'll be sure to order next year. Almost buttery tasting, they didn't even need seasoning!

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