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Only Heirlooms - No GMOs - Family Owned and Operated


Seed Banks

Only Heirloom Seeds

Dried and packed for up to 10 years of storage

Designed for your success by a homestead gardener

Are you prepared?  Do you want the reassurance that you have the ability to grow your own food if the need arises?  We have put together 3 different collections of seeds to suit the needs of anyone.  A basic kit with enough seeds to feed up to a family of 4 with fresh vegetables during the growing season.  The advanced kit is a supplement to provide variety and quantity of seeds to produce enough food for preserving and storing to feed your family for the entire year.  The herb kit provides flavor, as well as simple herbal remedies for common maladies that might arise.  These kits are designed by a seed saver and homestead gardener, formulated to reduce the difficulties of cross polination while still maintaining the variety necessary to not only survive but thrive with nutritious and delicious food.  

These seed banks include the following:

  • All heirloom seeds - the seeds can be saved and used the following year if necessary
  • No hybrids and No GMOs
  • Dried to 5% humidity - USDA recommended humidity level for long-term storage
  • Triple-layer mylar bags - keeps moisture out, preserving the seeds for 5 to 10 years
  • Growing guide - so you have instructions immediately at hand when you need them
  • Waterproof bucket so it can be stored anywhere

Our goal is that if you buy this seed bank and store it away somewhere, you have complete confidence that you will have seeds in great shape, ready to go when you need them.

In times of crisis, it's not just important to have seeds, but also have knowledge of how to grow, cook, preserve, and save seeds from your vegetables.  We have several books that are invaluable to navigate all the challenges that come from developing food independence.  Seed to Seed gives you all the growing and seed saving knowledge you need to maintain a sustainable garden.  The Ball Blue Book give you all the information you need to know to preserve and can using modern methods.  Preserving Food Without Canning or Freezing provides knowledge of how to traditionally preserve foods in the absense of modern conviences like electricity or canning jar lids.  

Build your own Seed Bank and Library to suit all your needs.  We'll pick the right bucket to house your seeds and you'll have the knowledge that you are prepared.

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  • Annie's Basic Seed Bank
    $39.50 Annie's Basic Seed Bank
    With over 7,000 seeds, this basic seed bank contains everything you need to get started growing your family's food and saving seeds for the next year.  Most vegetables are easy to grow and relatively simple to save...
  • Annie's Advanced Seed Bank
    $44.50 Annie's Advanced Seed Bank
    Designed as an add-on to the Annie's Basic Seed Bank, this collection of seeds is intended for the more advanced gardener or someone who wants to be able to feed themselves with not only fresh vegetables but enough to...
  • Annie's Herb Seed Bank
    $41.50 Annie's Herb Seed Bank
    Herbs are more than just flavor, they are an excellent source of nutrients, far more densely nutritious than most vegetables, as well as wonderful steeped into delicious teas and drinks.  The add flavor, but have...
  • Ball Blue Book
    $10.00 Ball Blue Book
    The Ball Blue Book is the standard for canning and freezing.  All tried and tested recipes with detailed instructions so that you can can jams, jellies, canned fruits, salsas, pickles, vegetables, meat and soups as well...
  • Preserving Food without Freezing or Canning
    $25.00 Preserving Food without Freezing or Canning
    Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning is a translation of a French book of traditional preservation methods.  If you want to preserve the fruits of your garden and would like to do so without needing freezers or...
  • Seed to Seed
    $25.00 Seed to Seed
    Seed to Seed by Suzsanne Ashworth is a wonderful resource on seed saving.  She includes hundreds of vegetables and herbs, arranged by family, with detailed information on how to start from seed, grow, and save seed for...