Purple Tomatillo - Organic


78 days.  A beautiful change of pace, these deep purple tomatillos make a spectacular salsa.  A little smaller than the verde tomatillo, they have a sweeter flavor than most tomatillos.


Minimum of 50 seeds per packet.

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Excellent Flavor
Written by undefined on 2nd Dec 2014

I was given these seeds from a friend and was pleasantly surprised to find them producing purple fruit. The color was different, bright, and fun but the flavor was outstanding! So much better than the regular tomatillos I'm used to. These are definitely a new staple in my garden!

Hard to review
Written by Natalie Bradfield on 11th Mar 2014

They had great flavor and a huge yield, but only two tomatillos turned purple out of all the ones that grew on four plants. I even let them stay on longer but then they would turn white and fall off. We will probably try them again because we really like the flavor, just a little disappointed we didn't get some fun color for the kids.

Beautiful fruits
Written by Lora on 13th Dec 2012

These plants produce a lovely purple fruit which deepens and sweetens when ripe. The fruits make a lovely purple salsa. Be sure to plant at least 2 for pollination and for plenty of fruit. I will be planting more next year!