Prosperosa Eggplant *


70-78 day.  Prosperosa is a wonderful eggplant.  Baseball to softball sized purple fruits with white shoulders.  It is good just sauteed in olive oil, but makes for excellent eggplant parmesan or curry as well.  Petite plants that are very prolific and do well even in cooler climates.  This is an excellent multi-purpose eggplant.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Effortless to grow, Tastes great!
Written by Jen in Michigan on 13th Jan 2015

I'm giving this variety four stars rather than five due to the fact that my plants haven't produced as many eggplants as other varieties. However, because I like the beautiful fruit and the taste, I'd still recommend this variety. I've never had an issue with pests or disease in the three years I've grown them.

Petite plants? Hell, no!
Written by Frutero on 18th Jul 2011

This princely plant has great, beautiful, velvety leaves with a blue-violet sheen that makes it as beautiful as any datura. I wish I could send you a photo, because even though it is only now setting fruit, it is well worth its keep!