Topepo Rosso Pepper


75 day.   These are beautiful little Italian pimento peppers.  They are loved by Italians for stuffing, but can also be pickled or dried to make a deeply colored paprika. 


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Possibly my favorite pepper (so far)
Written by Jennifer on 15th Feb 2012

I own a little garden shop in Alabama and found these little jewels at a local adventuresome wholesale grower. Nobody bought them as no one had heard of them before around here, so I planted 'the left overs' in my own garden. They are wonderful! Even as a late planted 'left over' they did very well and I fell in love. The following year even the adventuresome wholesaler didn't grow them again. That's how I found Annie's Heirloom Seeds. You are the only place I could find the seed. I ordered them from you last year and the germination rate was excellent. I'm ordering them again and even though I have very little space for starting seeds myself, I'm more than happy to give it to these great peppers. Everyone that likes to stuff, bake or stir fry with a flavorfull, colorful, sweet pepper will love these.