St. Pierre Tomato


74 day.  A traditional French canning tomato.  Medium sized and very round, it's an excellent choice for slicing and canning.  It's more acidic than most modern tomatoes, this extra acid aids in the canning process.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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144 quarts
Written by Cherri on 1st Feb 2015

I grew these lovely tomatoes two years ago.... I planted 50 seeds and 45 of them germinated beautifully, two more came up late... They were very hardy plants that needed minimal care... The bushes grew so large I had to stake them up with poles and twine, this could have been avoided by pruning, but I wanted to see how big they grew and how much they produced. I kept a journal of how long they took to germinate and about how many pounds of tomatoes I picked per day... By the end of the season I had bottled 72 quarts of salsa and 72 quarts of chopped tomatoes... I gave all of my extras to a neighbor that cooked them down into 20 quarts of spaghetti sauce... These tomatoes taste fresh out of the jar!!!! I can not wait to grow them again this year, I'm finally out of salsa!!!