Porter Tomato


72 day.   Originally introduced by Porter and Sons Seed Company of Texas, Porter does well in hot climates.  It's a great choice for container gardening, especially in the South.  It produces high yields of small, 4 ounce, plum shaped tomatoes that are a good choice for canning.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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By far my favorite!
Written by Karyn on 18th Jan 2015

I have been struggling with some tomato varieties here in MS, but this has produced the best by far and I plan to always grow Porter! Of all few varieties I have tried of heirloom, these have been fantastic all the way around. They are great size to me like a small roma shape, and have great flavor. always seems to be pretty with no splitting or other problems. It produces all the way to frost, esp. with a late plant in aug. The biggest plant I ever got was when one of these self sowed in my raised garden- I didnt really stake it, and it spread all over and gave me TONS of tomatoes. When the frost came, I picked a large basketful of green ones to pickle. Love it!

Resistant to high heat and fantasic flavor
Written by undefined on 28th Jun 2013

These are just a bit larger than cherry tomatoes but not by much. They had a few leaf probs in the cooler wet weather but quickly outgrew it as I trimmed the problem stems off and sprayed my organic solution to mildew. Now it's 102F and the clusters of nice tomatoes are finally turning red..evenin the heat.. Some are still in containers and some are in the ground. They seem to do well in containers and I haven't had to stake or cage them yet! I've got them planted in full sun with shade overtaking them by 2p-3PM (North Texas). I harvested my first 2 today Jun27 and the flavor was incredible! They're showing a bit of minor leaf curl from the heat but that's normal and only cosmetic. It's not any sort of disease. Judging by the number of flowers and tomatoes, these don't seem to be quite as prolific as I would've liked even though I've been using 15-30-15 liquid fertilizer since they were babies, but then from my experience, the fact that that they haven't got a disease and died and are doing well in the heat gives them 5 stars! These are the only tomatoes I've ever been able to grow in Texas and stay alive long enough to bear fruit!!!

Did great in containers on my back porch.
Written by undefined on 29th Jan 2013

I grew two Porter's plants in large self watering containers on my back porch. They did very well, and were so prolific that I was able to can salsa from them, which was delicious. Highly recommended to container gardeners.

Great for Kabobs
Written by Terry Taylor on 16th Aug 2012

Drought and heat tolerant! Very prolific, and the plants are hardy. When you go out to pick them, take a shaker of salt with you! And these little guys are great for Kabobs. Definitely growing them again next season.