Paris Island Cos Lettuce


72 day.    The traditional variety of green romaine lettuce.  It has a firm, crisp texture and the great flavor we associate with romaine.


Minimum of 250 seeds per packet.

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in spite of the drought
Written by Julie Stedman on 22nd Feb 2013

I was so discouraged with this lettuce. I started it inside and it didn't get enough light, so all those babies got leggy, then died. We replanted outside in the terribly season Ohio had - the plants came up, but struggled so much. I used ALL my seeds and finally, it was clear that about 15 plants would survive. They survived my transplanting them to be better spaced in the long empty row - they survived dry, dry, hot days and then being flooded with the water we carried in. And they tasted delicious. So hoping for a better start and far more tasty lettuce from Paris Island Cos Lettuce this year!

Best crisp and delicious romaine!!! Our top choice.
Written by Kathy on 14th Jan 2012

We only started 10 Paris Island Cos plants last spring, and we had salad every day for months! We kept our relatives fed with just these few plants. Harvesting just the outer leaves kept this wonderful lettuce producing and producing. Some relatives of ours with very ...... shall we say expensive taste in foods and delicacies couldn't believe it was homegrown. They had some homegrown romaine before that was not their favorite to say the least. Everyone I know loved it. Thanks again for your wonderful products!! This one will be in our garden every year from now on.