Opalka Tomato


75 day.  This is a very meaty, almost dry paste tomato.  It is very low in seeds and is a great choice for sauce.  I found it wasn't as good of a choice for roasted salsa because the skins didn't separate from the flesh very easily when it was roasted.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Great producer, sauces well, but maybe too acidic
Written by undefined on 9th Feb 2015

I enjoyed the great production I got from these. I had to make my own trellis using some thick tree branches that were put well into the ground and then tied into an A-frame. Regular tomato cages are no match for these monsters! I used these for tomato soup and tomato sauce and found them too acidic. I also found their flavor too strong when cooking them down to a paste-like consistency. I was hoping for a sweeter paste and did not get that from these.

Love love love these!
Written by Terry on 28th Jul 2012

Opalkas - or Opies as I affectionaltely call them - are awesome. They are pretty large paste tomatoes and are a staple in our sauce making, with hardly any seeds to speak of. I wish we had planted more - we will definitely be dedicating more space to this variety next year! The skins weren't too difficult to remove after a ~30 soak in boiling water followed by a ~2 min plunge in ice water. If you're on the fence about these - give 'em a try, you won't be disappointed!

Opalkas rock!
Written by Lorie K. on 21st Jan 2012

I have been growing Opalkas for about 10 yrs. I use them to make sauce. The skins peel off very easily without the trouble of blanching them. I loe them!