Nebraska Wedding Tomato

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100 day.  This is a beautiful tomato, with round 4 inch fruit that are deep orange throughout.  It has a good old fashioned tomato flavor, a little sweeter than the red tomatoes, but with enough acid to balance.  

There are many stories told about this tomato, and I'll leave it up to you to decide what to believe.  We do know that it was originally introduced to the Seed Saver's Exchange Yearbook in 1983 by Dorothy Beiswnger of Crookston, MN.  It is said to have been brought to Nebraska by immigrants in covered wagons.  Most claim that Nebraska brides were given the seeds as wedding gifts.  It is proposed to perform very well in Nebraska's climate.

I have seen reports that it sets fruit early in June when most people get married and that the tomatoes were used to decorate for the weddings.  This doesn't seem plausable given it's long day to maturity and the climate in Nebraska.  Most likely the fruit isn't setting until well into August.  It is a beautiful tomato, but my guess is that passing on the seeds was a more likely reason for the name.  In either case, it really is a beautiful and delicious tomato with a nice American history. 


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.