Blue Hubbard Squash


110 day.  Huge, blue warted squash.  It has a very hard rind, requiring a lot of work to get in.  However, this also makes them store really well. 


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Blue Hubbard
Written by Karen on 8th Jan 2017

This was our first year growing these and let me tell you, we had great success! Basically just pushed the seeds into aged manure and made sure they had enough water. 8 seeds planted - 15 hefty Hubbards harvested.

raised this squash
Written by leo g king on 9th Mar 2013

i have raised these squash for many years and love them.some have reached 35/40 lbs.i made amistake and gave away all my seed and now have to start anew.they make the very best pies.