Bloody Butcher Tomato


55 day.  A highly prolific, very early tomato with 1-2 inch round fruit.  They are mostly blemish free, perfectly round, and a good choice if you want an early tomato or live in a cold climate and don't have a long growing season.


Minimum of 25 seeds.

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Great Tomato
Written by Tom Jonas on 29th Jun 2013

This is a great tomato for us that live in cold climates. Excellent germination rates(over 95%), hardy, and prolific. Even here in Alaska, we are growing two crops. We started the first in February, the second in May. As of now, in June, we have about 8-15 tomatoes per plant. The later plants are even more robust than the first plantings were. Of course, being in Houston, Alaska, this for us is a greenhouse only crop. Would it grow without a greenhouse? Yes, it would, but would be a bit more work. In the lower 48, this would be my first choice for an early tomato. Others in this category would be the Bloody Butcher, and the Stupice. All are good for us.

Great Tomato for the North
Written by undefined on 28th Jun 2012

The first tomato to ripen in and out of the greenhouse. Tolerant of heat in the greenhouse, wonderful potato leaf type. Will always have a place for this in my garden.