Bloody Butcher Corn Bloody Butcher Corn
Bloody Butcher Corn Bloody Butcher Corn

Bloody Butcher Corn

105 day.  Bloody Butcher is a beautiful multi-purpose corn.  It makes great corn meal or flour, is a beautiful decorating corn, and it can be eaten as a sweet corn when picked in it's milk stage.  It has large ears with deep burgundy kernels.


Minimum of 50 seeds per packet.

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Written by Deborah on 31st Dec 2013

A most awesome corn! We planted this corn on new ground just added some horse manure, tilled it, waited a month, re-tilled, and planted. So it was probably our fault that we did not get a good germination rate; BUT what did come up, - ! Oh my! It was 10 foot tall and wind prove! On top of a hill with only a stalk here and there, not one blew over! And it produced 3 or 4 ears per stalk out producing any other corn I have ever seen or heard tell of; each ear had 14 to 16 rows and were a foot or more long!!! Truly AWESOME

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