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Pole Lima Bean

Pole lima beans have huge beans and very tall plants. You will need to give them plenty of room to grow, mine far outgrew my 9 foot poles.

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  • Christmas Lima Bean
    $2.50 Christmas Lima Bean
    80 days.  What a beautiful and delicious pole lima bean!  Huge beans are creamy white striped with burgundy.  One of the best tasting beans, they cook up creamy and delicious.  Add in high yields and an...
  • Florida Butter Speckled Bean
    $2.50 Florida Butter Speckled Bean
    UNAVAILABLE FOR 2016. 86 days.  Known in the south as Speckled Butterbean, this pole lima bean is buff with with burgundy splashes.  It does well in hot and humid conditions, but also performs well in all climates...
  • King of the Garden Lima Bean
    $2.50 King of the Garden Lima Bean
    70 day.   Introduced in 1883 by Frank Platt, King of the Garden is a prolific, strong growing pole lima bean.  It has large, creamy white seeds that have a honey-like flavor.   Minimum of 40 seeds per...