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Pepper Collections

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  • Annie's Favorite Peppers Collection
    $5.50 Annie's Favorite Peppers Collection
    This is a collection of our favorite peppers, with a traditional bell, a stuffing pepper, a hot pepper, a spectacular Italian sweet pepper, and fun Banana peppers. 10 seeds of each of the following varieties: Bull...
  • Mexican Pepper Collection
    $5.50 Mexican Pepper Collection
    Can't decide what Mexican hot pepper you want for your salsa?  How about growing them all!  Receive 10 seeds of each of the following...
  • Rainbow Bell Pepper Collection
    $5.50 Rainbow Bell Pepper Collection
    For the bell pepper enthusiast, this collection has it all.  California Woner is the only pepper intended to be picked green, though any can be eaten green if you pick them before they turn color.  If you let them...