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Peas and Parsnips

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  • California Black Eye Cowpea - Bulk
    $10.00 California Black Eye Cowpea - Bulk
    75 days.  A southern favorite, this cowpea is very distinctive with it's creamy color and black eyes.  A New Year's tradition, these wonderful cowpeas can be eaten fresh or dried for winter eating.   Minimum...
  • Harris Model Parsnip - Bulk
    $4.50 Harris Model Parsnip - Bulk
    80-85 day.  The standard by which all other parsnips are judged.  They are long, white and sweet with smooth grained flesh.   Minimum of 1000 seeds per packet.
  • Little Marvel Pea - Bulk *
    $10.00 Little Marvel Pea - Bulk *
    59-63 day.  An excellent, all purpose, bush variety pea.  It grows up to 30 inches tall and produces nice yields of tender, sweet shelling peas.  Good for fresh eating, canning or freezing.   ...
  • Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea - Bulk *
    $10.00 Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea - Bulk *
    60-70 day.  A really nice, bush type, snow pea.  It produces large, flavorful pea pods with good yields.  It's best harvested young, so make sure to harvest daily.  Although not necessary, it benefits...
  • Wando Pea - Bulk
    $10.00 Wando Pea - Bulk
    68 days.  An excellent spring pea, it germinates well in the cold and is the most heat tolerant of the shelling peas.  A great choice for those with short springs, who need to have a more heat tolerant pea...