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Organic Heirlooms

Grown without synthetic pesticides by small farmers,

organic seeds perform well under organic conditions.

All of the seeds in this category are Certified Organic heirloom seeds.

Sorry, we cannot ship organic seeds to Canada.

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  • German Johnson Tomato - Organic
    $3.75 German Johnson Tomato - Organic
    75 days.  A deep pink beefsteak tomato, German Johnson has high yields and an excellent flavor with a rich, creamy texture.  There are two strains, regular and potato leaf.  This is the regular leaf strain...
  • Gilbertie Paste Tomato - Organic
    $3.50 Gilbertie Paste Tomato - Organic
    85 days.  These are amazing paste tomatoes.  Huge, banana shaped tomatoes with an excellent, rich flavor.  Such meaty tomatoes that are this big are rare.  Add in the excellent flavor, and you have a...
  • Glacier Tomato - Organic
    $4.00 Glacier Tomato - Organic
    65 day.  This is a great early tomato.  It doesn't have the yields of Bloody Butcher, but it has an excellent flavor.  The tomatoes are round, red and small, about 2-3 inches in diameter.  It is...
  • Golden Acres Cabbage - Organic
    $3.50 Golden Acres Cabbage - Organic
    65 day.  A great choice for small gardens, Golden Acre is a small cabbage with tight, tender heads that are 5-7 inches in diameter.  It is known for it's early production and uniform heads.  A great choice for...
  • Golden Bantam Sweet Corn - Organic
    $4.00 Golden Bantam Sweet Corn - Organic
    70-85 day.   A nice, heirloom yellow sweet corn.  The one from which most of the original hybrid yellow sweet corns were developed.  When picked at it's peak, it has a sweet, rich corn flavor that...
  • Golden California Wonder Pepper - Organic
    $4.00 Golden California Wonder Pepper - Organic
    62-73 days.  A favorite since the 1920's, this golden yellow version of the red California Wonder pepper is a great choice for those who love yellow peppers.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.
  • Golden Wax Bean - Organic
    $4.50 Golden Wax Bean - Organic
    52 days. One of my favorite beans, it has a beautiful pale yellow color and a tender, crisp texture. Firm and delicious, it rivals Contender for flavor, making it a great addition to your garden.   Minimum of 40 seeds...
  • Great White Tomato - Organic
    $4.50 Great White Tomato - Organic
    75 days.  White tomatoes are really unique.  With a mild tomato flavor, very little acid, and a cream texture, Great White is definitely something to grow for something unusual.  It has a beautiful pale yellow...
  • Greek Golden Pepperocini Pepper - Organic
    $3.00 Greek Golden Pepperocini Pepper - Organic
    70 days.  With shorter fruit than Italian Pepperocini, this is the pepper that you commonly find pickled in jars at the grocery store.  It is usually picked and pickled in its yellow stage, though it will turn red...
  • Green Arrow Pea - Organic
    $4.00 Green Arrow Pea - Organic
    65-70 day.    A British shelling pea with a bush growing habit.  It produces long, thin pods with 9 to 11 sweet peas.  A little later than some of the others, with tender, crisp and mildly sweet peas...
  • Habanero Pepper - Organic
    $4.00 Habanero Pepper - Organic
    90-100 day.  One of the hottest peppers, habaneros are also very flavorful.  Once you get past the heat, they have an almost apricot fruitiness.  I like to simmer a few in tomato sauce, removing the peppers...
  • Hartman Yellow Gooseberry Tomato - Organic
    $5.00 Hartman Yellow Gooseberry Tomato - Organic
    75 days.  Originally from the Hartman and Daughters Seed Company of Indianapolis, IN.  It has high yields of yellow cherry tomatoes with a mild, sweet flavor.  A beautiful addition to a salad or salsa...
  • Hearts of Gold Melon - Organic
    $3.50 Hearts of Gold Melon - Organic
    90 day. Developed in the late 1800’s in Benton Harbor, Michigan, this muskmelon was once the most popular variety of melon for market growers. It has a deep orange flesh and a delicious flavor.   Minimum of 25...
  • Hidatsa Red Bean - Organic
    $4.00 Hidatsa Red Bean - Organic
    80-100 days.  Originally grown by the Hidatsa Indians of North Dakota, it has dark red seeds that look similar to kidney beans.  Sprawling bush plants will climb to three feet it given support.   Minimum of...
  • Hidatsa Shield Figure Bean - Organic
    $4.00 Hidatsa Shield Figure Bean - Organic
    90 days.  From the Hidatsa tribe from the Missouri valley in North Dakota and was described in Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden, this is one of the most beautiful shelling beans.  Pale cream with a gold saddle, it is...
  • Homemade Pickles Cucumber - Organic
    $3.50 Homemade Pickles Cucumber - Organic
    55 day.  A wonderful pickling cucumber, Homemade pickles yields lots of green cucumbers.  They can be harvested small for baby pickles or left to grow to 5-6 inches for excellent dill pickles.   Minimum of...
  • Honeydew, Green Flesh Melon - Organic
    $3.50 Honeydew, Green Flesh Melon - Organic
    115 day.  A smooth skinned melon with a thick rind that turns from pale green to ivory when it's ripe.  It is a very sweet green-fleshed melon with a small seed cavity.  It is best grown in the south, but...
  • Howden Pumpkin - Organic
    $4.50 Howden Pumpkin - Organic
    115 days.  Originally developed by John Howden of Massachusetts, Howden is a traditional Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin.  It has a beautiful orange color with deep ridges, a tall shape and a good, sturdy handle...
  • Ireland Creek Annie Bush Bean - Organic
    $4.00 Ireland Creek Annie Bush Bean - Organic
    70-75 days.  An English heirloom grown in British Columbia since the 1930's, this delicious bean makes its own thick sauce when stewed.  A great variety for northern growers.   Minimum of 40 seeds per packet...
  • Italienisher Oak Leaf Lettuce - Organic
    $3.50 Italienisher Oak Leaf Lettuce - Organic
    55 days.  An excellent heirloom oak leaf lettuce, Italienisher grows large rosettes of delicious, green leaves with excellent taste and texture, mild flavor and little to no bitterness.   Minimum of 250...