Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea *


60-70 dayA really nice, bush type, snow pea.  It produces large, flavorful, tender pea pods with good yields.  It's best harvested young, so make sure to harvest daily.  Although not necessary, it benefits from trellising.


Minimum of 80 seeds per packet.

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My favorite
Written by Kari on 8th Jun 2017

When I think of garden-fresh peas, I think of these. They are so flavorful and crisp! I had a 100% germination rate for the entire packet.

Productive and Pest-free
Written by Stephanie on 26th May 2012

I planted only a small patch of these back in March and now I'm getting enough of a yeild every two or three days for a generous vegetable side dish for dinner. (Note that this is one-person household.) Not bad at all for an area of about four square feet. And so far, no problems at all with bugs, birds, or diseases. I did end up staking them because this bed is visible to the neighbors and they looked sort of unkempt sprawling on the ground. I'll be ordering more of these seeds next year!