Minnesota Midget Melon *


70 day.  What cute little muskmelons, each one a perfect individual serving.  Minnesota Midget produces lots of small, 5-6 inch, round melons with really sweet, orange flesh.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Great smell
Written by lazyfarmer on 17th Jun 2015

I eat these right in the garden a lot. The smell is better than most perfumes & colognes. I leave one on the counter for a day just for the fragrance better than air fresheners. They taste great too.

Best for short season
Written by Janet on 12th May 2012

These melons hit the ground running. Each plant set about 10 small melons that were small and sweet. Our summers are never very warm and the nights are always cool. I would recommend these to anyone who lives in a cool summer/short season climate.