Marketmore 76 Cucumber - Organic

Marketmore 76 Cucumber - Organic

70 day.   Still one of the most commonly grown slicing cucumbers, it produces long, straight, almost seedless cucumbers that are great for slicing for salads.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Written by Jamie Hunter on 23rd Jan 2016

I purchased these seeds a couple years ago along with a couple other varieties to help determine which i liked best. Right away as the cucumbers came in i realized these were my favorite! These cucumbers come in right on time, if picked every couple days they are consistently the same size. The skin is thin, the flesh crisp and they are not to "seedy." They have a great mild taste. The kids love to eat them straight out of the garden. I have very successfully been able to harvest seeds and save them for the next growing season and in return get beautiful new cucumbers! They have tolerated hot dry times and wet rainy days. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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