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Large Garden Collections

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  • Annie's Everything Vegetable Collection
    $900.00 Annie's Everything Vegetable Collection
    Can't decide?  Do you want one of everything?  Here's the collection for you!  We'll send you one of each of our vegetable and herb seed varieties.  Enjoy having a whole seed store in your own home!
  • Annie's Favorites Collection
    $67.75 Annie's Favorites Collection
    Sure to please, this collection of our favorite vegetables is a great place to start with heirloom vegetables.  Each collection includes a packet of each of the vegetable seeds in the Annie's Favorites category...
  • Annie's Master Homestead Garden
    $200.00 Annie's Master Homestead Garden
    This may be the perfect garden!  A combination of vegetables, companion flowers, and herbs to make your garden everything you could hope for. Each collection includes a packet of the following: Contender...
  • Master Container Garden Collection
    $51.75 Master Container Garden Collection
    Full-sized vegetables on plants that can be grown in 5 gallon buckets!  Just be sure to make some extra space for the melon vines to trail beautifully along your porch or patio. Includes one packet of each of the...
  • Master Fall Garden Collection
    $43.50 Master Fall Garden Collection
    The fall is a wonderful season for the garden, and this collection embraces the cooler temperatures with vegetables that thrive once the heat of summer has passed.  Enjoy this master collection of 23 different...
  • Northern American Homestead Garden
    $87.50 Northern American Homestead Garden
    Designed for the Northern gardener, this master garden includes all you need to grow your food.  Intended for fresh eating and preserving, this collection of mostly American seed varieties is sure to please. Each...
  • Southern American Homestead Garden
    $81.50 Southern American Homestead Garden
    Designed for the Southern gardener, this collection includes a nice collection of mostly American vegetable varieties.  For those who want to grow most to all of their vegetables, this collection includes enough seeds...