Lancaster Sure Crop Corn


115 days.  An excellent yellow field corn, Lancaster Sure Crop was developed in the early 1900's by Isaac Hershey.  Most modern corns can trace itself back to Lancaster Sure Crop.  It has huge plants, 10-12 feet tall, with 10 inch long ears, and a strong root system.  It is also a drought tolerant corn.


Minimum of 100 seeds per packet.

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This corn turned heads.
Written by Glen Fodale on 1st Jan 2016

I'm in the corn belt. Fields of hybrids in all directions. No one, it seems remembers what corn used to be. I only knew from what my grandparents had described, (their recollection having been from the early 1900's) and they really missed it, so I had to try it once I found it. Like them, I prefer the taste of this corn to the sweet corn varieties which are common here. As a heads up, this corn grows tall. I had some plants as tall as 12 ft. I planted 3 rows, each about 30 ft. long. Some of the plants blew over in the wind storms we had. All but one recovered, but I ended up planting stakes on each end of the rows, and tying cords between the stakes to help support the corn against the wind. It worked. No more trouble with wind. I'll be growing it again this year.