Koralik Tomato - Organic


61 day.  These are delightful cherry tomatoes.  Huge yields of small, tart-sweet cherry tomatoes grow on vigorous vines.  Originally from Russia, this tomato is early and does well in cooler climates.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Good producer
Written by undefined on 25th Sep 2015

One of the first tomatoes I ever grew from seed. Was VERY pleased and amazed at the yield. It did take me a while to figure out when to pick them. I don't know if it was the heat or if I Ieft them on the vine too long, but the first ones I picked were a little sour. I started picking them when they were still a little orange, and they had a lot better flavor.

Absolutely the best cherry tomato
Written by KG on 19th Jan 2015

Been growing these for years and the yields are huge and they keep producing until there is a frost here in Colorado. They do get bushy and need a few feet of room to spread out. This is a must plant for you garden.

my best cherry!
Written by Karyn on 18th Jan 2015

I started growing this variety a couple of years ago when I first started ordering from Annie's and it never disappoints! some tomatos have been hard for me to get a good yield here in MS if they dont like the heat, but this one always produces great, and long into the season-till frost! which is like December for me! great tasting, I am coming back for more. It is a very short and more wide plant, great for a container. Try it!

Very productive!
Written by jen in michigan on 24th Sep 2011

I've been picking these little tomatoes for nearly three months and they show no sign of letting up. Great taste. Plant has about a four to five foot spread so next year, I'll allow more room. No sign of disease, wilt, etc.