Gilbertie Paste Tomato - Organic


85 days.  These are amazing paste tomatoes.  Huge, banana shaped tomatoes with an excellent, rich flavor.  Such meaty tomatoes that are this big are rare.  Add in the excellent flavor, and you have a winner.


Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.

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Very hearty germination
Written by Teresa in GA on 5th Mar 2016

I bought these in 2012 and grew them as a paste tomato. They did very well and were great in sauces and salsa. Just found them in my seed box and still had 1/2 a package. Threw them into a seed tray not expecting much but I have 16 tomato plants on 4 year old seeds. Very excited because they are bigger then the roma's.

Best tomato I ever planted.
Written by undefined on 1st Aug 2012

Difficult to find. Have tried several varieties but so far this is my favorite. Excellent flavor and not a lot of seeds.Been looking for this variety.