Garland Chrysanthamum Greens


30-50 days.  With it's beautiful, edible, yellow flowers, and delicate lacy foliage, this is a nice addition to your salad garden.  The whole plant is edible, from it's leaves to it's flowers, with a mild flavor.  It is also a very fast variety, making it a nice addition to your early spring or fall garden.  Why not enjoy a soup sprinkled with flower petals, or eat these flowers as traditionally eaten in Japan, dipped in sake for an interesting appetizer.  


Minimum of 250 seeds per packet.

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Cold hardy
Written by Wendy Rafalski on 1st Dec 2016

We grew these this year and even after some really hard frosts, they're still green. They taste pretty good too. I only munched them while outside but they'd be a really pretty addition to salads.