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Flower Gardens

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  • Annie's Sunflower Collection
    $6.00 Annie's Sunflower Collection
    Do you love sunflowers?  Can't decide what you want to grow?  How about 10 seeds of each of our six sunflowers.  Ranging in height from 60 inches down to 16 inches, you can plant up a beautiful display of...
  • Companion Flower Collection
    $13.00 Companion Flower Collection
    Companion planting with flowers is such a wonderful way to help your vegetable garden.  Not only do you help deter bad bugs, but you can attract beneficial insects and add beauty to your vegetable garden.  The...
  • Edible Flowers Collection
    $14.75 Edible Flowers Collection
    There are so many wonderful ways to use flowers.  This collection includes all edible flowers, flowers that can add beauty and flavor to your favorite salads or desserts or just add a beautiful garnish to a nice dinner...
  • Bugs Be Gone Collection
    $36.00 Bugs Be Gone Collection
    The ultimate collection for deterring bad bugs and attracting good ones.  When Mother Earth News asked their readers about companion planing, the main suggestions were to plant lots of herbs and flowers.  The most...