Dragon's Tongue Bean


50-65 day.   These are wonderful wax beans.  They are really flavorful and beautiful, pale cream with purple stripes.  That have large, flat beans with a full, wonderful bean flavor. 


Minimum of 80 seeds per packet.

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Best beans ever
Written by undefined on 21st Sep 2015

I live in Michigan and I've planted these twice now (from the rainbow bean packet). These grew better and faster than any of the other varieties and have the best flavor. We ate them all raw - they were so good, we couldn't even get them to the kitchen! The kids would eat them all up on the way there! No one could believe how tender and huge these beans were. I plan to grow them every year!

Best beans. Ever.
Written by Samantha L. on 13th Sep 2015

I bought these about two years ago, but due to unforseen flooding was unable to harvest last year. This year, imagine my surprise when I went out to go clear the garden for spring planting and finding this beauty already growing. I put out a portable trellis and let my surprise beans be... Until I needed to put out another one, it was so fast growing. I'm reliably harvesting about a pound and a half to two pounds of beans a day for the past two months from the one surprise plant, nevermind the other two. I'm cooking ridiculous amounts of greenbeens. My neighbors either hate or love me, and the kids on my block have been so overexposed to beans that they eat them without prompting as their parents take what they want from my bucket. And the flavor? Green or full grown, I've never tasted better. This is all on top of there being a drought this year and my inattention to watering, mind. I do recommend that anyone attempting growing these beans have plenty of room for them to grow up and out. As long as they're not sprawling on the ground, there's absolutely no trouble with insects, even in a garden overrun with them, so don't count on losing any productivity there. 10/10 bean, I wholly recommend.