Cut and Come Again Lettuce Blend


One of the benefits of growing your own salad is having fresh salad greens.  Lettuce is so much better just picked, and this mix of leaf lettuces lends itself to beautiful and fun fresh salads.  Just go out, pick a few leaves of each kind, and leave the rest of the head to produce more leaves for later. 

Included is a mixture of the following:

Minimum of 250 seeds per packet

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Great Harvest
Written by Karen on 14th Jan 2018

We planted this last year. I think I gave it one square foot and we got a huge salad every other day. I'm planting it again this year. It did well in our hot Houston area weather.

Prolific Harvest
Written by Casey MacMillan on 7th Feb 2015

We planted this lettuce mix last year and we are getting it again for this coming Spring! It was so easy and it just kept coming back. It was tasty and we were even able to throw more than a couple dinner parties with fresh salads all using this blend.

great product
Written by undefined on 11th Jul 2014

I love how this lettuce would grow after cutting. It has kept the rabbit happily munching away. I thought it was a little to bitter for my taste.

Written by undefined on 13th Jun 2013

The seed came up nicely and is producing lots of lettuce. The lettuce is sweet, tender and delicious. I have it growing in a large container on my front porch. I cut enough to fill a large bowl every other day! This is a terrific blend of lettuces and I am very happy with this choice.

amazing :)
Written by undefined on 6th Jul 2012

wow...i am so impressed with this blend!! I planted the first round in March and harvested through May...and in 100 degree weather I am still harvesting the second panting!! Highly prolific and excellent flavor, i will definately be coming back for more