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Cucumber and Eggplant

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  • Black Beauty Eggplant - Bulk
    $10.50 Black Beauty Eggplant - Bulk
    90 day.   The old standard of eggplants.  Large, dark purple fruits on moderate sized plants.    Minimum of 250 seeds.
  • Boston Pickling Cucumber - Bulk
    $7.50 Boston Pickling Cucumber - Bulk
    57 days.  One of the old standards, Boston Pickling has been around since 1883.  It produces high yields of 6 inch cucumbers, perfect for pickling.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet.
  • Marketmore 76 Cucumber - Bulk
    $7.50 Marketmore 76 Cucumber - Bulk
    70 day.   Still one of the most commonly grown slicing cucumbers, it produces long, straight, almost seedless cucumbers that are great for slicing for salads.   Minimum of 250 seeds...
  • National Pickling Cucumber - Bulk
    $7.50 National Pickling Cucumber - Bulk
    52 day.   Originally developed for the National Pickling Association, this pickling cucumber is what the growers asked for.  Dependable yields over a long season and tailored for Northern growers. ...
  • Straight Eight Cucumber - Bulk
    $7.50 Straight Eight Cucumber - Bulk
    63 day.  An old fashioned variety still popular in home gardens, Straight Eight is both early and prolific.  It produces long, straight cucumbers that are excellent for slicing.   Minimum of 250 seeds per...