Cimmaron Lettuce


60 day.  Cimmaron is a very striking lettuce.  A little deep green with lots of maroon veins and edges, this romaine type lettuce is also very delicious.  It has the firm texture of romaine lettuces but is still very tender with a pleasant, mild flavor.


Minimum of 250 seeds per packet.

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Reliable harvest
Written by jen in michigan on 2nd Sep 2012

I've grow cimmaron for two years, planting successively in all but the hottest weather. It's pretty, easy to grow, not very fussy about it's care and is more drought tolerant than some other lettuces.

Gorgeous, delicious romaine
Written by Kathy E. on 4th Feb 2012

This romaine is very beautiful and delicious. Ours stayed very crisp, but a green romaine probably tolerates heat a little better. We just harvested the outer leaves time after time. You'll spend a little more time cleaning that way, but you have lettuce all summer long. We have grown it when hitting triple digit temps, and it was pretty resistant to bolting. It feels wilty in the heat, but just wait until harvesting time the next morning. It's perfect again!. It made a wonderful addition to our salad mix. It's my favorite of the red romaines.