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Only Heirlooms - No GMOs - Family Owned and Operated



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  • Cream Sausage Tomato
    $2.50 Cream Sausage Tomato
    73 days. With pale yellow to creamy white, pointed paste type tomatoes, this tomato has a wonderful sweet flavor. With small, prolific plants, it’s a good choice for those with size constraints or who want a large...
  • Great White Tomato - Organic
    $4.50 Great White Tomato - Organic
    75 days.  White tomatoes are really unique.  With a mild tomato flavor, very little acid, and a cream texture, Great White is definitely something to grow for something unusual.  It has a beautiful pale yellow...
  • White Cherry Tomato
    $2.50 White Cherry Tomato
    70 days. Ivory-white round tomatoes that ripen to pale yellow, this cherry tomato has a sweet and fruity flavor.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.
  • White Queen Tomato
    $2.50 White Queen Tomato
    85 day.  A really nice white tomato.  Most white tomatoes are very low on flavor, but White Queen is packed with flavor.  It is also very beautiful, with ivory blemish-free fruit.   Minimum of 25 seeds...