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Items marked with a star are Annie's Favorites.

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  • Anna Russian Tomato
    $3.50 Anna Russian Tomato
    70 days. Early maturing, this beautiful oxheart, pink tomato is a delicious and wonderful selection for Northern growers. With huge, up to one pound, fruits, a rich tomato flavor, and lots of juice, it is sure to become a...
  • Aunt Ginny's Purple Tomato
    $3.50 Aunt Ginny's Purple Tomato
    79 days. A German heirloom, this beefsteak produces large, deep pink tomatoes. Excellent for fresh eating, it is considered one of the best heirloom tomatoes.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.
  • Brandywine Tomato
    $2.75 Brandywine Tomato
    80 day.  The standard by which all other tomatoes are judged, Brandywine is renowned for it's great flavor.  Very large, oblong, pinky red fruit with a wonderful sweet flavor and meaty texture.  A great...
  • Caspian Pink Tomato
    $3.50 Caspian Pink Tomato
    80 day.  Wow!  This tomato is one of the only ones to beat Brandywine in taste tests.  It is my favorite beefsteak tomato, with an excellent flavor, a nice firm texture, huge size and moderate yields...
  • Eva's Purple Ball Tomato
    $2.50 Eva's Purple Ball Tomato
    75 days. Originally brought from Germany in the 1800s, it produces beautiful, round, blemish-free, pinky-red tomatoes. It has healthy plants that do well in humid areas.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet...
  • German Johnson Tomato - Organic
    $4.50 German Johnson Tomato - Organic
    75 days.  A deep pink beefsteak tomato, German Johnson has high yields and an excellent flavor with a rich, creamy texture.  There are two strains, regular and potato leaf.  This is the regular leaf strain...
  • Giant Belgian Pink Tomato
    $3.50 Giant Belgian Pink Tomato
    85 days. If you want huge tomatoes, this is the variety for you. With huge, 1-2 pound, tomatoes, this pink tomato has a sweet and mild flavor.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.
  • Ozark Pink Tomato
    $3.25 Ozark Pink Tomato
    75 days. Hailing from Arkansas, this variety does well in hot and humid, disease-prone areas. It has huge plants with round, pinky red tomatoes that are very flavorful.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet...