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Hot Peppers

Items marked with a star are Annie's Favorites.

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  • Ancho (Poblano) Pepper *
    $2.50 Ancho (Poblano) Pepper *
    90 day.  I love poblano peppers.  It's a hot pepper, but very mild and full of pepper flavor.  It makes a wonderful stuffing pepper for chili rellenos, or a good base pepper for a mild Mexican salsa.  A...
  • Black Hungarian Pepper
    $2.50 Black Hungarian Pepper
    70-80 days.  This very ornamental pepper has dark green foliage with dark purple veins, beautiful purple flowers, and shiny black peppers that ripen red.  ,It is a medium hot pepper, similar in heat to jalapeno,...
  • Cajun Tobasco Pepper
    $2.25 Cajun Tobasco Pepper
    75 day.  A Cajun specialty pepper, and the original one used for Tobasco sauce.  It is very flavorful and a good variety to grow to make your own hot pepper sauce.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet...
  • Cayenne Pepper
    $2.00 Cayenne Pepper
    85 day.  The traditional hot red pepper used to flavor lots of dishes, Cayenne is a nicely flavored hot pepper.  It is easy to grow and easy to dry.  I just leave them out on the counter till they are dry...
  • Chile de Arbol Pepper
    $2.50 Chile de Arbol Pepper
    90 day.  Originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, these are known as Birds Beak or Tree Chili peppers.  They grow on 3-4 feet tall, tree shaped plants with lots of small cayenne type peppers.  They are valued for...
  • Early Jalapeno Pepper
    $2.50 Early Jalapeno Pepper
    70-80 day.  A wonderful Mexican hot pepper.  It is both hot and flavorful and can be used in anything from salsa to roasted stuffed peppers to jalapeno poppers.  It is dark green, ripening to red, and is used...
  • Guajillo Pepper
    $3.00 Guajillo Pepper
    85 days.  A wonderful dried chili used to make salsa and chili powder.  About 6-8 inch long red-brown peppers with moderate heat.  I really enjoy this pepper roasted, peeled and sliced in a squash soup...
  • Habanero Pepper
    $2.75 Habanero Pepper
    90-100 day.  One of the hottest peppers, habaneros are also very flavorful.  Once you get past the heat, they have an almost apricot fruitiness.  I like to simmer a few in tomato sauce, removing the peppers...
  • Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper
    $2.00 Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper
    70 day.  Hungarian Hot Wax is both early and prolific.  A milder hot pepper, it can be used fresh, dried or cooked.  It's a favorite sliced for salads or cooked on pizza.  It's a good choice for those...
  • Italian Pepperoncini Pepper
    $2.50 Italian Pepperoncini Pepper
    75 days.  The traditional Italian pickling pepper, it produces high yields of long, thin sweet peppers.  Beautiful yellow peppers that ripen red, they are excellent both pickled or eaten raw.    Minimum...
  • Jalapeno M Pepper
    $2.00 Jalapeno M Pepper
    70-80 day.  Jalapeno M is the standard Jalapeno that you see in grocery stores.  It is both hot and flavorful and can be used in anything from salsa to roasted stuffed peppers to jalapeno poppers.  It is dark...
  • Mexican Pepper Collection
    $5.50 Mexican Pepper Collection
    Can't decide what Mexican hot pepper you want for your salsa?  How about growing them all!  Receive 10 seeds of each of the following...
  • Padron Pepper
    $2.25 Padron Pepper
    60 day.  Padron is a small hot pepper famous in Spain where they eat it sauteed in olive oil with sea salt as a tapas appetizer.  If the peppers are harvested at 1 to 1 1/2 inches long, most will be mild with about...
  • Pasilla Bajio Pepper
    $2.50 Pasilla Bajio Pepper
    78 day.  A milder Mexican hot pepper, this pepper is a traditional component of mole.  More grown for it's rich, smoky flavor than it's heat, it's a great choice if you like to make rich, dried pepper salsa or...
  • Serrano Pepper
    $2.00 Serrano Pepper
    85 day.  A small, green hot Mexican pepper that ripens red.  It is used to add heat to salsa, and I like it in a roasted pepper winter squash soup.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet.
  • Sonora Anaheim Pepper
    $2.25 Sonora Anaheim Pepper
    77 day.  A mild long, green chili pepper that is a great choice for making chili rellenos.  The can grow very large and are thicker than most chili peppers.   Minimum of 25 seeds per packet...
  • Stavros (Greek Pepperocini) Pepper
    $2.00 Stavros (Greek Pepperocini) Pepper
    70 days.  With shorter fruit than Italian Pepperocini, this is the pepper that you commonly find pickled in jars at the grocery store.  It is usually picked and pickled in its yellow stage, though it will turn red...
  • Thai Hot Pepper
    $3.00 Thai Hot Pepper
    85 days.  Thai Hot is a very hot, flavorful pepper in the cayenne family.  The peppers grow upright, frequently above the foliage, making it a great ornamental pepper.  The chilies are used to add a kick to...