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Loose Leaf

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  • Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
    $2.50 Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
    45 day.   A beautiful frilly loose leaf lettuce.  Quick and easy, it has a nice light yellow-green color, and is also tender, delicious, making it a very popular lettuce.   Minimum of 250 seeds per...
  • Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce
    $2.00 Bronze Arrowhead Lettuce
    46 days.  Sweet and tender, Bronze Arrowhead is our favorite leaf lettuce.  With its green and bronze rosette, it's a crowd pleaser.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet.
  • Cocarde Lettuce
    $2.00 Cocarde Lettuce
    49 days.  This French oakleaf lettuce has large leaves that are dark green and edged in dark red.  It is really beautiful and mild and delicious as well.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet...
  • Lollo Rossa Lettuce
    $2.00 Lollo Rossa Lettuce
    53 day.  A frilly, deep red lettuce.  It is a little more bitter than most lettuces and adds a nice contrast in flavor and color in a lettuce blend.  It is very beautiful with dark red leaves with a lighter...
  • Oak Leaf Lettuce
    $2.00 Oak Leaf Lettuce
    40 day.  Grown for it's distinctive oak leaf shaped leaves, Oak Leaf is a great addition to a salad mix or as a stand alone cut and come again leaf lettuce.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet...
  • Red Salad Bowl Lettuce
    $2.00 Red Salad Bowl Lettuce
    44 day.  This is a beautiful lettuce.  Deep red, with frilly leaves and a mild flavor.  It is slow to bolt, it's a great choice for growing in the heat or in warmer climates.    Minimum of 250...
  • Rossa di Trento Lettuce
    $2.00 Rossa di Trento Lettuce
    45-60 day.  An Italian, savoyed, green lettuce with wine red edges.  A very good "cut and come again" lettuce that can be harvested throughout the season in mild climates.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet...
  • Salad Bowl Lettuce
    $2.00 Salad Bowl Lettuce
    44 day.   Medium green, frilly leaf lettuce.  It is tender, crisp, and has a great flavor.  With it's open, light texture, it is great at holding on to salad dressing.  It makes a wonderful salad on...
  • Tango Lettuce
    $2.00 Tango Lettuce
    52 day.   This is the frilliest lettuce we sell.  Both mild and sweet, it is a wonderful addition to a blend, but also just fun on it's own.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet...