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Southern greens are a traditional staple, fast and nutritious. Collards are a form of kale, while mustard greens have a sharp, bitter flavor that many love.

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  • Chervil
    $2.00 Chervil
    60 day.  Chervil is prized for it's anise flavor, similar to tarragon, and it is frequently used in greens mixes.  A traditional part of a French Mesclun lettuce salad, it can also be used as an herb to flavor...
  • Claytonia
    $2.50 Claytonia
    40 days.  The hardiest of the winter salad greens, claytonia has heart-shaped leaves around a white-colored stem.  It can tolerate moderate frost and can be grown all winter in mild regions or cold...
  • Dwarf Bok Choy
    $2.00 Dwarf Bok Choy
    40 day.  This dwarf type of bok choy is often referred to as a nai pe tsai type.  It is petite, with crisp white stalks and dark green leaves.  It grows best in a mild climate and can tolerate some heat. ...
  • Florida Broadleaf Mustard Greens
    $2.00 Florida Broadleaf Mustard Greens
    45 day. Slower to bolt than other varieties, this very large leafed mustard produces flavorful leaves that are delicious in salads or cooked.   Minimum of 300 seeds per packet.
  • Georgia Southern Collard Greens
    $2.00 Georgia Southern Collard Greens
    78 day. Also known as Creole or Georgia Green Collards, it was first introduced before 1880.  It has a loose cluster of blue-green leaves with a cabbage like flavor.  It is tolerant to heat and poor soils and is a...
  • Giant Red Mustard Greens
    $2.00 Giant Red Mustard Greens
    45 days. With extra large, beautiful leaves and a moderate mustard flavor, this mustard green is a good cut and come again mustard green.   Minimum of 300 seeds per packet.
  • Giant Southern Curled Mustard Green
    $2.00 Giant Southern Curled Mustard Green
    42 day.  The traditional curled leaf variety of mustard green that is so popular in the South.  The leaves are bright green with very curly edges and it has a stronger mustard flavor.  It is wonderful sauteed...
  • Komatsuna Asian Mustard Green
    $2.00 Komatsuna Asian Mustard Green
    35-40 day.  A very tasty variety of Asian mustard green.  Komatsuna is an excellent choice for use in salads or any way you would use spinach or pak choy. Minimum of 300 seeds per packet.
  • Misticanza Salad Mix
    $2.25 Misticanza Salad Mix
    Misticanza is the Italian version of the French Mesclun mix.  There are many different variations, with the most traditional belief that it should contain 24 different Italian greens, many of them wild and hand...
  • Morris Heading Collard Greens
    $2.00 Morris Heading Collard Greens
    85 days.  An old southern favorite.  It grows loose heads that are dark green and slow bolting.  The young leaves are the most tender and flavorful, so harvest often.  Great for fall growing, because it...
  • Oasis Chrysanthamum Greens
    $2.00 Oasis Chrysanthamum Greens
    30-50 days.  With it's beautiful, edible, yellow flowers, and delicate lacy foliage, this is a nice addition to your salad garden.  The whole plant is edible, from it's leaves to it's flowers, with a mild flavor...
  • Red Garnet Amaranth
    $2.00 Red Garnet Amaranth
    50 day.  Amaranth is a very versatile green and grain.  Red Garnet has medium green leaves with a red overlay that is more pronounced in warm climates. The shoots can be added to a salad and the greens cooked like...
  • Rocket Salat Arugula
    $2.00 Rocket Salat Arugula
    37 day.  An Italian arugula, this is an excellent choice for salads and fresh greens.  It has a strong, rich, peppery taste.    Minimum of 300 seeds per packet.
  • Sorrel
    $2.00 Sorrel
    80 day.  Traditionally used in French cuisine, it's a great herb to be used in salads for it's distinct lightly sour flavor.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet...
  • Vit Corn Salad (Mache)
    $2.00 Vit Corn Salad (Mache)
    50 day. A great variety for winter production either under cover or outside.  Sow between September and April for greens from December to May.  It has thick, broad leaves that form in upright bunches.  It has...