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Fall Collections

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  • Annie's Overwintering Garden Collection
    $17.75 Annie's Overwintering Garden Collection
    Don't know what to plant for early spring eating?  These vegetables are especially well suited for overwintering in the garden.  Plant this collection and enjoy fresh vegetables early next spring!  Contains...
  • Master Fall Garden Collection
    $49.00 Master Fall Garden Collection
    The fall is a wonderful season for the garden, and this collection embraces the cooler temperatures with vegetables that thrive once the heat of summer has passed.  Enjoy this master collection of 26 different...
  • Northern Fall Garden Collection
    $17.50 Northern Fall Garden Collection
    There are so many wonderful vegetables that thrive in the cooler fall season.  Instead of lamenting the loss of our wonderful summer vegetables, look forward to the delicious bounty that is the fall garden.  This...
  • Southern Fall Garden Collection
    $20.75 Southern Fall Garden Collection
    With a longer growing season and warmer winters, Southern gardeners have many more options for fall gardens than northern growers do.  This collection includes many old favorites, perfect for fall in the south...