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Fall Vegetables

These are cold-tolerant vegetables, suitable for a fall garden in northern climates, or fall to winter gardening in southern areas.  Many of these vegetables will overwinter in the north, providing fresh vegetables very early in the spring.  Check out the fall garden collections if you can't decide!

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  • White Albino Beet
    $3.00 White Albino Beet
    SOLD OUT FOR 2015.  50 days.  Mild and sweet, this round beet has beautiful white flesh for a truly unique addition to your garden.  Originally from Holland, this gourmet treat is perfect for the food...
  • Winter Density Lettuce
    $3.00 Winter Density Lettuce
    65 day.  A very early and compact romaine.  It is crisp, sweet and delicious.  Winter Density is a good choice for overwintering in the garden.  It has dark green leaves and a densely packed eight inch...
  • California Early Garlic - Oct Delivery
    $12.00 Choose Options California Early Garlic - Oct Delivery
    California Early is the most commonly grown garlic in the United States.  It is easy to grow, with a mild flavor and good storability. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL GARLIC! SORRY, WE CANNOT SHIP GARLIC TO...

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