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Fall Vegetables

These are cold-tolerant vegetables, suitable for a fall garden in northern climates, or fall to winter gardening in southern areas.  Many of these vegetables will overwinter in the north, providing fresh vegetables very early in the spring.  Check out the fall garden collections if you can't decide!

Items with a * are Annie's Favorites.

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  • Late Flat Dutch Cabbage
    $2.00 Late Flat Dutch Cabbage
    110 day.   This German heirloom produces a very large flat head.  It keeps very well and does best in cool weather.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet...
  • Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts
    $2.00 Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts
    100 day.  Dating back to the 1890's, Long Island Improved is one of the most popular varieties of Brussels Sprouts.  Home grown Brussels Sprouts don't compare to commercial sprouts, tender, sweet and mild, rather...
  • Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce *
    $2.50 Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce *
    48 day.  This French heirloom is known for it's wide range of colors, depending on the weather and temperatures.  It is a head lettuce with a delicate, tender texture and fine flavor. Minimum of 250 seeds per...
  • Master Fall Garden Collection
    $43.50 Master Fall Garden Collection
    The fall is a wonderful season for the garden, and this collection embraces the cooler temperatures with vegetables that thrive once the heat of summer has passed.  Enjoy this master collection of 23 different...
  • Merlo Nero Spinach
    $3.00 Merlo Nero Spinach
    48 days.  This Italian heirloom is a large, early spinach with slightly savoyed leaves.  The leaves are large and tender, and they taste great.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet.
  • Navet de Vertus Marteau Turnip *
    $2.00 Navet de Vertus Marteau Turnip *
    60 days.  A French turnip dating back to the 1800's, this is a wonderful choice for those who want a mild flavored and finely textured turnip.  It produces 2 inch wide and 4-6 inch long, large, white turnips. ...
  • Northern Fall Garden Collection
    $17.00 Northern Fall Garden Collection
    There are so many wonderful vegetables that thrive in the cooler fall season.  Instead of lamenting the loss of our wonderful summer vegetables, look forward to the delicious bounty that is the fall garden.  This...
  • Portuguese Tronchuda
    $2.00 Portuguese Tronchuda
    110 days.  This kale has a growth habit more like cabbage than like other kales.  Some grow it for the stalks and midribs of the leaves, which are used like celery.  It is highly productive.   Minimum...
  • Purple Sprouting Broccoli
    $2.00 Purple Sprouting Broccoli
    200 day.  Purple Sprouting Broccoli produces a purple head which turns green upon cooking.  It's best when planted in the fall for early spring harvests.  It overwinters well in moderate climates.  It can...
  • Purple Top White Globe Turnip
    $2.00 Purple Top White Globe Turnip
    45-65 day.   A beautiful and very popular turnip, favored for it's flavor by turnip lovers.  White with purple shoulders, it has a slightly sweet root that can reach 5 inches across.   Minimum of 200...
  • Red Cored Chantenay Carrot
    $2.00 Red Cored Chantenay Carrot
    70 day.   A very sweet and crisp orange carrot with wide shoulders tapering to a point.  It is also a shorter carrot, approximately 6 inches, making it a great choice for denser soils.   Minimum of 300...
  • Red Russian Kale
    $2.00 Red Russian Kale
    60 day.  Beautiful, deep purple tinged leaves with red veins and feathery shaped leaves, Red Russian is a nice kale to grow.  It is a bit more tender than the blue varieties, so it doesn't need as much cooking...
  • Rocket Salat Arugula
    $2.00 Rocket Salat Arugula
    37 day.  An Italian arugula, this is an excellent choice for salads and fresh greens.  It has a strong, rich, peppery taste.    Minimum of 300 seeds per packet.
  • Siberian Kale
    $2.00 Siberian Kale
    65 day.  A nice, dwarf plant with large green leaves.  Quite cold hardy, this is an excellent choice for northern growers.   Minimum of 100 seeds per packet.
  • Southern Fall Garden Collection
    $20.25 Southern Fall Garden Collection
    With a longer growing season and warmer winters, Southern gardeners have many more options for fall gardens than northern growers do.  This collection includes many old favorites, perfect for fall in the south...
  • Tango Lettuce
    $2.00 Tango Lettuce
    52 day.   This is the frilliest lettuce we sell.  Both mild and sweet, it is a wonderful addition to a blend, but also just fun on it's own.   Minimum of 250 seeds per packet...
  • Violet of Sicily Cauliflower *
    $2.00 Violet of Sicily Cauliflower *
    68 day.  A strikingly beautiful cauliflower.  It is bright purple when raw and green when cooked.  It has a more delicate texture than most cauliflower with looser florettes, and the head has a flatter shape...
  • Vit Corn Salad (Mache)
    $2.00 Vit Corn Salad (Mache)
    50 day. A great variety for winter production either under cover or outside.  Sow between September and April for greens from December to May.  It has thick, broad leaves that form in upright bunches.  It has...
  • Waltham Broccoli
    $2.00 Waltham Broccoli
    85-92 day.   A good choice for fall harvest, Waltham was developed around 1950 in Massachusetts.  It produces a nice, compact central head and lots of side shoots.   Minimum of 200 seeds per packet...
  • White Albino Beet
    $3.00 White Albino Beet
    SOLD OUT FOR 2015.  50 days.  Mild and sweet, this round beet has beautiful white flesh for a truly unique addition to your garden.  Originally from Holland, this gourmet treat is perfect for the food...